Saturday, January 3, 2015

Now the retirement begins!

I know we are settled in Azalea Trace, our retirement community.  Why?  Yesterday we went to the pool!  It was wonderfully warm and relaxing.  And the hot tub was hot and relaxing.  This is living!

But Linda has our apartment completely done.  The sofa and entertainment unit came yesterday.  They fit beautifully.  Our living room is cozy and welcoming and I am comfortable.

Monday, the sale of our house closes.  So, that will be done and I believe I will be even more relaxed after that milestone is complete.  Home ownership is a wonderful thing.  But, the responsibility is more than I can deal with at this point in my life.  Out first year here, the termites attacked our home and I have never mentally recovered from that.  Termites crawling out of the walls, through holes they made, was traumatic!!  I saw our investment being devoured by insects.   Then, there is the risk of hurricanes in Florida.  God blessed us on that one.  So, I will not miss home ownership at all.

Now, everything is taken care of.  Even our facility is certified as a "Shelter in Place" community by FEMA.  It should be, it is concrete and steel construction.  Even the windows are Cat 4 certified.  I can finally relax.

We have a neighbor, across the hall.  Her husband is very ill and not very cooperative.  She is dealing with the possibility of placing him in Skilled Care.  But, the one issue she does not have is the cost of his care.  That is the security a Continuing Care Retirement Community provides.

Now, don't get the idea I am not dealing with LBD issues.  The hallucinations have increased again.  I woke p the other night, to go to the bathroom, and after I laid back down, I saw a man, standing nest to our bed, on my side.  He finally went away and I went back to sleep.  Remember my hallucination rule;  If the dogs don't bark, it ain't there!  Dogs are good!

So, we are settled and beginning to enjoy the amenities and benefits of our new community.  We are getting more and more comfortable.  I am glad we made this choice.  Or better, I am glad God provided this for us.  

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