Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lately, sometimes I want to scream!!

I notice in the evening, I get this overwhelming, almost uncontrollable, need to scream.  It is not a desire, it is a NEED  !!  I do not know where it comes from or what the NEED comes from.  I just know it is new and frustrating.

I was posting on the social group and I lost my train of thought.  I began to meander.  I did not delete what I wrote, but left it alone.  Again, this is a new issue.  Up to now, I have been able to write my thoughts fairly accurately.  This event also caused me frustration.

I realize I am moving into uncharted territory for me.  And, since the availability of first hand information about the LBD journey is all but nonexistent, I am going through this alone.  However, at least I am providing what I can for others who will follow.

Again, the emotional journey is much worse than the physical one.

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  1. There will be so many who come after you, who will bless you for your writings. They and their family will search the web for first person experience. They will find a few written by family, but only a handful by the person with LBD. Donald what you post is important. Everyone's journey is a little different and yet alike. The feelings, the losses, the changes being documented help many. Thank you, keep posting as long as possible.