Sunday, January 4, 2015

Is this s new autonomic issue?

Today in Church, I noticed a couple of times that I ran out of breathy and had to mental tell myself to breath.  I was not doing anything physically stressful.  Just sitting or standing in Church.  Yet, it was like I forgot to breath.  Strange feeling.

So, like so many things those of us with LBD deal with, I will watch this and see if it is related to those Lewy Bodies short circuiting another involuntary function, or not.  I also have a Neurologist appoint coming up in the near future.  I will see if I can get an answer out of that clown.

Honestly, sometimes I feel that after the diagnosis, the doctors are just waiting to see how much can go wrong with me before I die!  

Back to the breathing.  I will have to do some research on this issue.  More later.


  1. My husband has mentioned that feeling of having to think about breathing. I can't wait to hear what your dr has to say about that.

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