Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Impacts on me from the move

Linda and I have both noticed a drop off in my mental function since the move.  We both knew the was a possibility.  She hopes it will mitigate itself as I acclimate to the community.  I am not as hopeful based on past experience.  I have never rebounded from these drop offs.

The last few days, I have actually felt "drunk"!  Things look farther away, when we drive, things seem to fly at me, and I am unsteady on my feet.  When I got up from my nap today, I was dizzy.  This, coupled with my recent breathing issues leads me to believe I may be on a new, lower, level.

No big deal.  I know LBD progresses and I have no fantasy that mine will stop progressing.   So, I can either accept the progression of get stressed out and more depressed.

One of the issues of the move is there are so many nice, friendly, people living here and I cannot remember their names!  It is frustrating.  Many of the residents wear name tags, and that helps.  I try to wear mine most of the time so the residents know who I am.  Most of the residents do not know I have LBD.  I guess I a reticent to introduce myself with; "Hi, I'm Don and I have LBD!"  It sounds like I am in AA.

So, we will continue to deal, or struggle, with the "new normal".  One thing that would help me is;  If friends and family would be honest and stop trying to put a sugar coat on how they see me.  They MUST see the change in me.  So, why not just say, I see you have had a mental change.  How are you dealing with that?

I realize I deal with my disease different than others.  But, I prefer open, honest discussion, verses stilted deception and misrepresentation.   But, I know some folks feel awkward with discussions about my disease.

Again, as I have said before, the purpose of this blog is to openly discuss how I deal with LBD.  So, now you know where I am on this change.

More later.

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  1. Hi Don, my husband tries to hide the changes he is going though. Then struggles and stresses trying to be " normal". I believe just letting people know you have short term memory loss, so if I forget your name don't be offend. Would make it easier on everyone. That would break the ice for them to be more honest without giving them an entire medical history. Keep blogging your experiences are helpful.