Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Different Hallucinations! And other developments

Lewy Body Dementia is an ever changing disease.  But, you already know that!  My hallucinations have taken an interesting turn recently.  I see one thing, and then it changes in state the next time I look at it.

For instance, this morning I looked that the dogs breakfast dishes and told my wife, both of them had eaten breakfast.  Then, just a moment later, the plates were full and untouched!

Not, I would have sworn their plates were cleaned!  But, at second glance, they were not.  I have also had this happen recently on different occasions.  I will admit it is a bit upsetting!  And, I don't have Marcel the Wonder Dog to act as my check point since his plate is not something he would bark at if it were empty or full.

This is a new issue and one I will keep an eye on.  No pun intended.  And yes, I did tell my wife.  I tell her everything!

Second, my autonomic functions no longer give me that early warning for a need to go to the bathroom!  Either one!!  So, I go from having no urge or inkling that I have to go, to an all out emergency rune to the bathroom!!  It is quite disconcerting as you can imagine.

I suppose, adult incontinence underwear are soon to become a necessity!  But, that Depends on how this develops.  (Pun intended)

More later, I have to go.

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  1. You are funny. I look forward to your posts - very enlightening.