Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We are moved in!!

The move is done!  Everything is put in place.  I am even ready to get back to our ministry at Bay Breeze Assisted Living Facility!  We are back in service!  Wow, what a week!

Now, this was a normal move for us.  My wife informed me it was our 18th move!!  I did not know that, but she did.  The real fact is, it is our last move.

How have I done?  Fairly well.  I am very relaxed here at Azalea Trace.   From my prospective, my fight to appear normal is over.  I can relax, knowing I am in a place that will care for me, or Linda, regardless of what happens.  And that reality is liberating!

Ever since Dr. Bowles told us of my diagnosis, we have lived in the shadow of "What if?!"  We looked and toured many CCRC's with many different reactions.  Some would not admit me because of my diagnosis.  Some did not meet our needs.  Some were TOO expensive.  Some were just not for us.

Then we found Azalea Trace and we both knew this was the place for us.  And, Azalea Trace, with my full disclosure, accepted me!  But, we were on the waiting list for over a year.  That was a stressful time because we saw my disease progressing.  We both knew that I would not be admitted if I took a larger downward turn.  But, in God's perfect timing, we were offered an apartment, better than we dreamed of, and moved in before the end of the year.  God is good.

So, the move was disconcerting, caused me some anxious moments, and anxiety, but I am now settled and comfortable.  So, this move IS good.

Now, we can enjoy some of the fun things, like the heated indoor pool and hot tub!!  Merry Christmas.

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