Thursday, December 18, 2014

The impact of moving continues

Tonight, I had a few pictures and a key holder to put up.  No big issue, even now.  Then, there was the change of address issues!  That is a never ending terror!  I tackled the DMV online tonight.  I did this while I was being asked a thousand questions by my wife!  But, even with the antiquated website Florida has, I won!  Of course, voter registration is another issue.   I suppose, if I were an illegal alien or a terrorist, and I was registering as a Democrat, I could register by CB radio!!  But, we have to go in person or SNAIL MAIL  our change of address to them!  Wow.

This is our last move.  My last change of duty stations in this life.  My wife has informed me that we have moved 18 times in our almost 43 years of marriage.   That is clearly too many times.  But, I cannot go back and change that, even though I wish I could.  But, this is the last move just based on the cost of moving here!

But, these moving issues never bothered me before.  Maybe because my wife did them in the past.  But, she is trying to keep me involved in our life and she thought change of address issues were in my wheel house.  So, I have taken this issue on, or maybe it would be better said, the issue has taken me on!

I just do not have the mental capacity to deal with things that require patience or things that require concentration.  Especially after a busy day.  Again, these are just normal LBD issues.  But, that's what I write about!

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