Saturday, December 6, 2014

The emotional stress of the move on me!

This blog is about the impact Lewy Body Dementia places on an individual patient.   More specific, how I am doing with the stress and emotions of the move.

The last couple of days my wife has been focused on packing the collectibles and personal items in out home.  Then, we sorted out the things we know will not fit into our new home.  That lead to the dreaded "Yard Sale"!  That was today!

We were up at 5AM!  But the was up most of the night organizing, sorting, and working on her Bible Study that she still has to lead on Wednesday.   She is a discussion leader for Bible Study Fellowship.  An international Bible Study started by a missionary named Wetherell Johnson.

Today, was 6 hours of "Show Time"!!!   Dealing with people that want the best things for pennies on the dollar.  But, we sold most of what we need too.  Also, my neighbors came out in force to purchase many things without even a thought of bargaining.  I actually had one neighbor give us MORE than we were asking.  I really do have some great neighbors and I will miss them.

We have also taken a couple of loads to the new place insulting hanging clothes.  We will carry more over tomorrow after Church and on Monday.  Tuesday will be busy getting ready for the big move on Wednesday.

So, how am I doing?  I am exhausted!  I am very grouchy and upset.  My poor wife has been snipped at and yell at more than a few times.  When things go wrong, or seem wrong to me, I react, without social filters!!   I cannot find anything in our house, our "Brain Center" where all the pills, electronics, and phones live, is gone!!  We have sold most of the furniture that will not fit ion the new place and taken down the art work from the walls, so the house echoes!!

My blood pressure is up, I am confused, and I do not know where many things are.  Then, there are the constant questions, taskings, and directions, that I need to react to.  Find the home warrantees, move this, build me a box.  It is all required parts of moving and I have been through it many times.  Most of our moves were self-inflicted, by me.  Even this one is my initiation.  But this one is different in that I cannot life anything because of my left shoulder, I cannot drive anywhere my self, and I cannot process more than one task at a time!   All of that stresses me!  I feel like a prisoner!   For instance, I need a haircut, desperately!!   Not on the schedule.  Yesterday, my wife needed more wrapping paper to pack with.  So, to keep her on schedule, I walked to the corner and bought some from the U-Haul store!  Walked!  Yes, it is good for me, and yes, I did not get lost.  But, I will be glad when this is over and we are settled.

Last of all, I feel frustrated and depressed.  I am mentally questioning all of my decisions.  That makes me even more frustrated and depressed.  So, you see where I am right now.

I will keep you informed.  I believe Wednesday will be a tough day, even the climax of the move.  Then, things will start to get back to normal, I hope.  

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