Thursday, December 11, 2014


We are moved in!  The boxes are starting to disappear, and our apartment is beginning to look like a home.  We had a good move, under budget, yesterday.  Everything was in the apartment by 2PM.  Much of this success is because my wife did so much packing and organizing.

Of course, we did not get rid of enough stuff.  So, more kitchen equipment will need to be culled.  But, that is small stuff.  Our new bed is not here yet, neither is the couch or the entertainment center,  But, we slept in our bed and have television to watch.

The hot water heater did not work, the thermostat on a NEW unit failed.  But, no hot water was no issue because we did not have a shower curtain rod until this afternoon.  Now we have both and I am going to take a shower tonight.

Another delay was our refrigerator.  I arrived today!  So now we can move our food over tomorrow.  All little annoyances, but all in all, a good move.

I now have to walk the digs instead of opening the back door to our fenced in yard.  The walks are good for me and they seem to like them.  They are also adapting to apartment living.  The seem to accept us leaving and are keeping quiet in our absence.

Just four more boxes and we will be unpacked!  Not all put in place, but unpacked!  The closing of our home sale is 5 January.  SO, things are coming together.

I am doing fairly well.  During the pack out, I was disoriented and felt like I was drunk!  I could not concentrate on what was happening.  Our son was with me and was a great help.  I am still somewhat confused and I am more unstable when walking.  SO, the move has caused me issues, but they were expected.

My wife continues to unpack and work hard.  I try to help but I tire easy.  Still, we were up until 1AM last night unpacking.  I hope we go to bed earlier tonight!

I think this will be good, once I find my underwear!  I do have coffee and I have my coffee cup.  What more could I need.

More later.

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