Monday, December 15, 2014

Progress, part two

Well, all the boxes are unpacked, the furniture is in place, the new adjustable Tempurpedic bed is here, most of the pictures are hung, and things look a lot like home!  I still can't find most things, but Linda can  I do know where emu coffee cup is and the coffee pot.  I have taken a shower, so I know how that works, much to the relief of most around me.

Another BIG issues off our plate is my large gun safe, the one that weighed 800 pound, was moved to my old neighbor's home today.  We hired the same folks that delivered it.  They were great.  So that issue is done.  We still have t clean the old house and I have some sorting to do in the garage.  That will wait a couple of days.

Tonight, we enjoyed a very good meal in the dining room.  Tilopia for my wife and New York Strip Steak for me.  Have I mentioned the food here at Azalea Trace is great?!

My wife has gone to bed early and I am up, blogging and relaxing.   I will probably watch the Monday Night Football game.  We learned tonight that our two senior citizen poodles have been making noise when we are gone.  No problem, we will crate them when we are gone from now on.  We had to do that in the Senior's Apartments in Virginia Beach before we moved to Florida.  We put them in the crate when we went to dinner tonight and they seemed OK with it.  They will have to adjust.  So will I.

Returning to our apartment after dinner, we met a lady who has early Frontal Lobe Dementia.  She is having memory issues and wants to get together to compare notes.  I plan on keeping that appointment.

I feel much less stressed here.  I do not feel like I have to be alert all the time.  I feel totally secure and I am sleeping most of the night.  My stability is worse.  As I tell Linda, the floor moves.  Somewhat like being on a Destroyer in moderately rough seas.  I did fall the other day because of this increase in my stability issues.  No big deal.

We are settling in nicely and I believe both of us are adjusting well.

It is interesting to me, how God's hand has been in this move from many years ago.  God enabled us to save for our retirement.  God gave me a career that provided me a good retirement.  My Wife worked hard, with God's help, to get her Master's Degree in Library Science and worked for 30 years as a Librarian which gave us another retirement income and more savings.  God provided us with the wisdom to sign up for the Civil Service Long Term Care insurance when we were young.  We are in Azalea Trace because God provided for us.  He exceedingly met our needs when we were our neediest!

As I have written before, all Continuing Care Retirement Communities are expensive.   Some, more than others, but that is all relative to the economy of the area the CCRC is located.  God placed us in Pensacola to see Azalea Trace and place us there, where the money HE provided will go the farthest.  God IS good!

So, as you can see, I am content and relaxed, finally.  I now do not have to fight Mr. Lewy!  I can relax and that is a blessing in itself.  More later.



  1. I am so happy for you and Linda. This is wonderful. Just in time for Christmas!

  2. What a great Christmas present, peace of mind. Merry Christmas .