Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our first 10 days in the CCRC

We have been residents of Azalea Trace for 10 days.  We are beginning to settle down and set our new routine.  The apartment is looking like an organized home and we are both sleeping well.  We have met a number of interesting people and we enjoy dinners in the dinning room.  We normal eat every night with different people.   I find I look forward to different dinner conversations.  It is energizing to discuss issues with people of differing opinions and experiences.  And dinner itself is gourmet quality.  Tonight I had bourbon honey glazed pork tenderloin!!  It was tender, tasty, and wonderful.  My diet is definitely suffering here!

We eat our breakfast and lunch at our dining room table!  A habit we stopped for a long time.  Yet, in this apartment eating at the table is comfortable and convenient.  So, another positive change in our lives.

We have not been in the pool or the gym yet.  We did look at the Chapel today.   It is very nice.  I need to find the billiards room and the card room.  I her some folks play pinochle.  

Even the dogs are settling down.  But, we still crate them when we go out for more than a meal.  But, they are barking less and enjoying our many walks.

Tomorrow, our son and his family are coming for dinner.  They have not had the pleasure of our dining room yet.  And, tomorrow night, one of the  three entrees is Prime Rib!!

Monday, we will Finnish with the house and make it ready for the closing.  

How am I doing?  Remarkably well.  I have had some hallucinations and I have noticed more distant, spacey, mental feelings.  I spent a good part of this morning trying to remember the job I was going to finish.  It was about noon that I finally realized I was dreaming of the job and did not have anything pressing to do.  Also, walking the dogs in the dark is unnerving for me.  I am more unstable when I walk, so the dark makes that even worse.  It is just a matter of time before I fall.   Good thing the grass is soft.

But, I feel more relaxed as I have written earlier.  This feels like a secure, home to me and that is good.  I am adjusting well.  I believe the real test will be after the Holidays when my wife is gone on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  How I react to they, will be the telling thing.

One more point.  We made the choice to move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community.  I knew this was the answer for the issues that will most likely impact us.  So, there was no push back from me.  My wife was not sold on the idea until we found Azalea Trace.   This community made her feel at home.  We met a woman moving is and her daughter the other day.  The Mom was not all that happy about moving in.  He daughter was obviously the one pushing the Mom into the move.  I believe, the Mom will be happy, but I see a period of anger and adjustment for her.  It is better if the people moving into the CCRC actually WANT to move there.   Waiting to find a community when the parent is unable to make the decision on their own is never going to be good.  Look early and often.  Do your research and find a place that works for the person living there.  Then move in as soon as possible!!  Everyone involved will be better off.  Trust me.  

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