Thursday, December 18, 2014

Loud noises cut through me like a knife!! And other LBD issues.

It is just short of 10PM.  I am watching football.  My wife was in the bedroom, doing what ever, and all of the sudden BOOM!!   I felt like a knife went through my entire body!  I jumped and screamed her name.  She apologized for dropping the cedar chest lid.  No one realizes how loud noises impact me.  I am vibrating inside still.

Another issue is riding in the car.  When I think cars are too close, stopping too quickly, or are puling out in front of us, I flinch!  I told my wife tonight I really do not like riding in the car anymore!   Truthfully, I never want to leave our retirement community again!  These drivers are crazy!  Running red lights, pulling out where there is no room, cutting in front of you and then stopping!  I did not drive that bad when I was drunk!

I see more and more issues increasing with how I react to anything that is out of my comfort zone.  I guess that is just the new normal.

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