Monday, December 22, 2014

Honey. I lost the car?!

Today, we went to our house that we sold and cleaned the entire house in preparation for the closing.  We had some things left to bring over to Azalea and we loaded them into the car, along with the cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner, and two miniature poodles.  After all, I could not leave them home alone for several hours, could I?

When we got back to Azalea, we unloaded the things to go in the apartment, and then I drove the car to the basement entrance to unload the things to go in storage and to the Azalea Store for sale.  It took several loads and some creative packing in our storage cage, but I succeeded.  Then, i took the shopping cart back that I used to move the stuff.  Took the steps to the first floor and got our mail, and walked down the hallway to our apartment.

Everything was good until I remembered the car.  Where did I leave the car?!  It was at the loading dock near the basement entrance.  Not a goo place for long term parking.  So, I had to go get the car, move it to our parking lot, and then go into our apartment.  Oh yes, I had to admit to my wife I lost the car, for a few minutes.

I was doing so well, and I enjoyed driving the car the 200 feet or so.  As you know, I no longer drive on the road, but in the parking lot or on the road in Azalea Trace's compound, I will, on occasion, drive those few feet.

Loosing the car is humorous but it is also a reflection of where I am.  I do things in order.  My mind organizes what I am supposed to do in steps.  As long as someone does not interrupt my steps with other things to do or social conversation I can accomplish that task, most of the time.  While I was unloading the car and moving things to our storage cage, I met and talked with a few residents.  But, I always got back on task, I thought.  When all the steps in my task were complete, I returned home.  What were the last steps?  Get the mail and return home.  OOPS!  I forgot, park the car.

Again, there is some very valuable insight into the workings of the mind of a person with dementia here!  Do not let this wisdom slip from your fingers.  You will be better equipped to understand your LBD patient if you understand my dilemma of today.

Where am I now, in my power recliner, watching Monday Night Football.  But, I bet I fall asleep before half time!


  1. As long as you don't lose your wife or the dogs, all is well. Your previous post of loss of indepence is happening to my husband. He is not as resigned to it as you are. He argues or pouts about thing. Thanks for the insight.

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