Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Robin Williams had Lewy Body Dementia!

We found out yesterday and FOX News reported on air today that Robin Williams had Lewy Body Dementia.  Now, everyone will assume that he committed suicide because of this disease.  They will speculate that his hallucinations were tool real, too frightening for him.  Or, the prospect of the diseases ravages were too much for him to live with.  Both or none of that speculation may be true.  Only he knows for sure.  

But the god thing that may come from his death is that Lewy Body Dementia may now get some attention and those of us who choose to LIVE with this disease may actually get some attention.

I have read on the web page from others with LBD that they are sick of being told they are not sick or they don't look sick!  LBD is a fatal, neuro-degenerative disease with no know cure.  We are not sick, we are dying!   The Lewy Body tangles will effect every part of our brains until our involuntary functions stop and we die of septicemia.  Of course, the most prevalent cause of death in LBD patents is aspiration.  But the end have been given a death sentence as sure as Stage Four Cancer of the pancreas!  It is time those in the day to day practice of medicine and the general public recognize that.

Mr. Williams chose to take his own life.  That is tragic for his family and for the LBD community.  But maybe his death will give Lewy Body Dementia the recognition that will drive the medical field to actually recognize our disease and then they will try to help us.  

It took Lou Gehrig to publicize ALS.  He put a face on that terrible disease.   Maybe the death of Mr. Williams will do the same for Lewy Body Dementia.


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