Monday, November 17, 2014

Riding with you wife!

Most of you know I have all but gave up driving.  I have kept my license but I choose not to drive.  My vision issues, hallucinations, and the legal ramifications of my disease have caused me to do this.  I am not happy about it because I am fundamentally a prisoner in my home.  I cannot even go get a haircut without someone taking me!

Think about that!!  When was the last time you had to ask someone to take you to get a haircut??  Then, add the fact that I live in Florida, have no friends here, and only have my wife to chauffeur me around.

So, MEN, how do you like riding with your wife?!  I am not casting dispersion on women drivers.  But, I am not a good passenger, even if another man is driving, and I am even worse when my wife is driving. There is s dent in the floor on the passenger's side of our new Subaru where I have REPEATEDLY tried to apply the brakes!!

There is another issue.  Travel.  I hate airplanes.  The airline industry has degraded into a cheap bus company.  Their planes are flown until they refuse to fly anymore.  Most airlines are flying aircraft that are 20+ years old!!  Couple that with the fact that the aircraft are maintained by contractors that were hired by the airlines for being the LOWEST bidder!!  Not to mention the aircraft are flown by people that drink too much, carouse with men or women when they are supposed to be resting, and are held to schedules by their employers with salary cuts and bonus reductions.  Oh, you may add most pilots are ex-military pilots that either washed out of the military with bad evals and would not qualify for command or only went in the military to get they wings and required hours and then left the military to get a job as a air born bus driver.  Then, there dis the way the airlines treat passengers.  I remember she flying was luxurious.  People actually dressed up to fly.  Meals were served on dishes!  There was cabin service.  Luggage was free. There was NO carry on baggage and only coats could be in the overhead bins.  Now, flying equates to ridding a bus in rural Mexico!   The only thing missing is chickens in the overhead bins!!   And then there is the cost of the torture of air travel!!

No I hate flying and will only do it in extreme emergencies.

But, this limits my trips because with only my wife driving, we are limited in any distance we drive.  Where I could drive until the tank was dry, stop for gas, coffee, and a Head stop, and drive until the next tank went dry, she is tired, exhausted, before the end of the first tank.  I once drove from Virginia Beach Virginia, to the Pennsylvania/New York state line on the northeast extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in one stretch!!  My wife's bladder was in danger of bursting and I was in trouble for the entire weekend!  But, those days are gone.

So, another sad effect of LBD is the imprisonment of the sufferer!  And trust me I AM imprisoned.   I dearly miss my friends in Virginia! My life is devoid of male companionship and friendship.   But, there is little any of us can do about that.  It is, the way it is.  Or, as Betsy Walsh, from NAVSES Philly says; "It is what it is!"

So, I ask the question once more; How do you like riding with your wife?  I thought so!

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  1. This weeks subject is very interesting. My husband also was apprehensive when driving with me.he was constantly telling me to slow down, stop long before the stop sign or red light and pointing out pot holes,etc. of course he was the main driver in our family prior to LBD so he was never comfortable letting someone else drive. He also felt,as u do,about flying so we stayed close to home. Life changes as we age and LBD does make life so much more difficult. As the wife of a former LBD sufferer I understand.