Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our move to our retirement community

I have written before about our pending move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Pensacola.  We were offered and we accepted a two bedroom apartment in the Independent Living area of this CCRC.  We passed the medical and mental screening and worked with the facilities manager to make the changes and updates we wanted in the apartment.  For the last month or so, walls have been removed, bathrooms changed, flooring replaced, and ceiling fans installed.  We visited our apartment today and it is very close to being complete.

The other part of this journey was to sell our home in Florida.  That proved to be much more difficult than either of us imagined.  We were told by the media and the realtor that the market was moving and we would have no problem selling our home for what we were asking!  Boy did that opinion turn out to be wrong.  But, God had a plan and it was a good one.  Today, we signed a contract for the sale of our home, for less than we wanted, but still a fair price for us and the buyer.  God is good!!

So, now we can start to pack, move things, and get set for our move.  I expect we will move into our new apartment during the week of 8 December.  Of course, the facilities manager has not called me with that date yet, but, judging from what we saw today, it could only be earlier.  We are ready!!

This has been stressful for both of us.  I have been under a tremendous amount of tension and it has displayed itself in my mental ability.  I hope that I can now calm down and relax.  Any move is stressful for any person.  Add dementia to the mix and the tension and stress becomes almost disabling.  When we finally move in to our CCRC, I know I will have issues.  I did when we move here, and I was better then than I am now.  Where is my stuff!!  Security issues, and how does this work are all issues I will experience.  But, as long as I can find my coffee cup and the coffee pot, I will do fine!

I will keep you posted.

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