Monday, November 3, 2014

Does your LBD patient "Pretend" to be OK?

It is called "Show Time" in the LBD community when we put on the show of being OK or normal when company is around.   But, does your LBD patient pretend to be OK when the caregiver is around or at a doctor's visit?  I used to!

It was how I was raised up in the Navy.   As a leader, we were supposed to emphasize the positive!  So, for decades, she someone asked me how I was doing or how things were going, I always said; "Outstanding"!  I would go to a doctor's visit and tell them I was doing good or that I was dealing well with the disease.  I actually had a neurologist in Virginia tell me I was a liar!!  She said I had not yet dealt with my disease!  She was right.

Now, more and more, I am trying to be honest when someone asks me how I am doing.  But, that requires me to be retrained.   Honesty is required on my part for others to understand where I am.  So, if I want them to understand where I am, I have to tell them, honestly.

So, I challenge you to challenge your LBD patient to tell you exactly how they feel and what is happening in their view!  This will clear boundaries between the caregiver and the LBD patient.  No longer will there be a chasm between the caregiver and the patient.  Both of you will understand.  But this will not happen if the caregiver does not insist that the LBD patient be painfully honest!

Yes, there are embarrassing topics that require discussion.  But honesty will pave the road to understanding.

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