Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day dreams

Yesterday, while I was home alone, I got involved in a "Day Dream".  Everything in this dream was realistic to me.  I could see the people and the equipment in my mind, and I was there.  I was speaking our loud, not in my "Dream Voice".

I have told you before that I spend the vast majority of my day thinking about m career in the Navy.  That time is comfortable and enjoyable for me.  I was young, strong, fit, and in charge.  I knew what I was doing and even though what I did was dangerous, I had no fear.

Yesterdays "Day Dream" had me reporting to a Cruiser.  The day I got aboard, we had a Gunnery exercise and the guns failed to fire.  As I started to investigate the reason for this failure.  I discovered the Gunner's Mates were failing to do proper Pre-Fire checks.  They had not tested the firing circuits as outlined on the Pre-Fire maintenance card.  Furthermore, they did not know where the test equipment was that was required to do these checks.  I was livid.

In my "Day Dream" I was using "Sailor" talk to get their attention and I was actually walking around the house talking and gesturing.  Now, I have dreams that are about my Navy career and that are very involved.  But this time, I was fully awake and fully engaged in this "Day Dream".

It does not frighten me.  As a matter of fact, I was comfortable and happy as I went about restoring professional discipline to my new division.  I actually felt like I was back in uniform and and back in my element!

As my disease progresses,  expect more of these episodes.  Right now, I come back to "Today"after my "Day Dream".  But, I know that these episodes will get longer in length and then, one day, I will not come back to reality.  But I know, when this happens, it is a comfortable time for me.


  1. You did not tell us what your wife thought of all this. I am glad it was enjoyable for you.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. I admire your courage to write about it.