Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Things are looking up!

When I retired, I had a period of rebound.  Because I was away from the inherent stress of my profession, I felt better.  Less stressed.  I felt like someone had taken the 100 pound weight off of my chest!  It took a while, but that was how I felt after the initial shock of retiring wore away.

Today, we met with the facilities director to select the colors, flooring, appliances, and even the plumbing fixtures for our apartment at Azalea Trace.  After that meeting, I began to feel like the 100 pound weight had been lifted off of my chest!  I am beginning to feel like this is really going to happen!  We really are moving to a exceptional facility that is willing and able to care for Linda and myself, no matter what!  All my worry, concern, and searching will be done.  We have a CCRC that will meet our needs.  I am beginning to feel happy, secure, and even free of worry.

Yes, we have to sell our home.  But we have been on the market one day and we have already had a family tour our home!  Our home is in the ideal location in Gulf Breeze and I believe we will have no problems selling our home.  Yet, since it is not sold yet, that is a nagging issue for me.

So, when God brings the new owner of out home to our home, I will have nothing else to worry about.  Remember, I do not have any exposure to the budget.  So, those issues are left to the capable care of my wife, who is a great manager of our income and savings.  I am blessed to have her by my side.

So, things are on the up swing for me.  I know more down turns will come my way.  That is the nature of this disease.  But, outside stressors are being reduced and that is good.

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