Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stress of selling our home

As I wrote earlier, yesterday was great!  Today has been more difficult.  I was called by our realtor at 0800!  That's 8 AM!!  Is this woman nuts?  She said we had a showing at 2:30PM.  Then, an hour later she called and said we had another showing at noon.

I realize people have to look at the house to buy it.  But the stress comes when we have to get the two miniature poodles in the car and disappear for that hour or so.  We did OK for the first showing, except that we had to disrupt our friends from out of town's departure plans.  The sec on showing was not as easy,  We packed up and left well before the showing and we were headed back when my realtor called with the excuse that the showing realtor was running lat and would not be here until 4PM!  At that, I told my wife I needed to be home!

Being out of my familiar surroundings, trying to coral two poodles in the back seat of the Subaru, driving around in neighborhoods I don't want to be in is stressful and makes me angry.  And by the time I got home, I WAS angry.  SO, I went to sleep, after the late realtor took some woman around our home that was obviously not interested in the house and most likely not able to pay for it!

I have sold many homes, and I know it is stressful.  But now I have full blown LBD and I am not of the mind to put up with stupid, mental midget Realtors!!  I pray the house sells soon.

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