Sunday, October 26, 2014

Old, alone, and unwanted!

You may know that one of my lifelines is a Seniors Ministry I have at a local Assisted Living Facility (ALF).  These people are sweet, salt of the earth, lonely people.  The are forgotten for the most part.  If their families visit at all, it is once a month or even less.  The visits are short, the conversations are stilted, and those who visit are glad to get our of the ALF as soon as they can.  It is as if they think they will catch whatever their relative has!

When the opportunity came to us for this Ministry, I was happy and frightened at the same time.  When I was younger, we had m\Linda's Father in a Nursing Home because his Alzheimer's had become combative.   It was difficult to visit him, especially in his last year or so, because he did not recognize us.  On the other hand, if I went out of the room to check with the nursing staff, when I came back in, I was a new visitor!  It made him happy, so who was I to argue.

Now that I am older, and dealing with LBD myself, I identify with those who I minister too.  They are very attentive during our weekly studies and they ask good questions.  After our study, they love to discuss the news of the day or any other topic!  They are lonely for outside contact and Linda and I provide a small dose of that needed medicine.

We have been blessed to conduct two Baptisms for this group.  The most recent was last Wednesday.  The gentleman I Baptized has advanced MS.  So he is very rigid and has difficulty moving.  Yet, he climbed the 20 steps to the Baptismal on his own.  His second issue is that he is afraid of water.  So, stepping into the Baptismal waters, which were about 3 feet deep, was a monumental act of courage for him. But, he did all he needed to and we Baptised him!  Praise the Lord!!

When he came out of the water, the smile on his face lit up Heaven!!!

Now, think of this.  The Activities Director of the ALF loaded up 11 moderate to severely handicapped individuals over the age of 70, onto a bus, delivered them to First Baptist Church of Gulf Breeze, Florida, and unloaded them into the Sanctuary for a Church Service!

The Pastor at First Baptist is 40 and has little idea how to minster to Seniors, especially those that are handicapped either physically or mentally.  He has approached me about starting a Seniors Ministry at First Baptist and I agreed.  Why?  There are many more individuals in ALF's all over Gulf Breeze that need and hunger for spiritual ministry!

They are not monetarily wealthy people but they are wealthy in experiences and love.  And every once in a while, there is one person, ready to accept emus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  They only need an Ambassador of God to help them close the deal.

Working for God with these precious people keeps me wanting to keep going!  I love them and they give me back more love and friendship than I could ever hope for.  Why don't YOU stop by an ALF close ego your home and open up a relationship with just one of the forgotten people.  I guarantee you will receive blessing that far exceed anything you invest!

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  1. Your ability to think of the needs of others - even when your own needs are so significant - is astounding and inspiring in equal measure.