Saturday, October 25, 2014

No one like to read or talk about the tough times!

I notice many of the posts I write about the tough, emotional, issues that I suffer caused by LBD are the least read.  Yes, I can and do check statistics.  Why, I am interested in what interests you.  No!  I do not change what I write about.  Why?  Because MUCH of what I write is unfiltered, emotional, feelings and actually problems that are happening at the time I write about them!  This is a real time log of my life.

My wife is very resistant to read about LBD.  I have given her articles from LBDA.Org and she never reads them.  My son is the same way.  Why?  My guess is they have their heads in the sand!  As long as I am doing relatively OK they believe I am "normal" and they can relax.  If I mention a new or increasing symptom, my wife calmly changes the subject.  Now, in her defense, she says she mentally catalogs those symptoms and changes.  But, she does not read about this disease.

I on the other hand, have done tons of research because I want to know what is and will happen to me.   That is the technician in me.  ow does it work, why does it work, what was the last thing it did before it failed, and is there a way to fix it.

For instance, recently I have begun hand shaking.  This is new.  I have great difficulty getting my fingers on a button or even on the correct key wen typing.  The other day, I was trying to grab something with my thumb and it would NOT go where i wanted it too!  Annoying issue for me.

LBD is an emotional disease for the person with it.  As things go wrong, or as the Lewy Bodies settle in a new portion of the brain and screw that function up, it lets the sufferer know he is NOT in charge of what is happening.  For instance, blood pressure fluctuations.  I am experiencing more dizziness when I get up or move quickly.  This is something I MUST pay attention to, because I could pass out and fall!

Back to my point.  I do try to write about the good times and issues.  But, LBD is NOT a good thing to have and I find myself getting more angry about having it!  I guess that is normal!

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