Thursday, October 2, 2014

New phase of mental fog

We had our cognitive screening for admission to Azalea Trace.  My wife went first.  So, I was sitting outside alone, in a strange place, trying to hone my grasp on the facts I thought I would be asked.

Then yesterday, my wife had a scheduled Bible study and we had the appointment at Azalea Trace to select the materials and appliances for our apartment.  We decided to have me accompany her to save time and gas.   I was alone in the car waiting for her for three hours.

During both of these alone times I noticed a significant feeling of disconnected mind.   I could not remember the date, month or year.  I could not make mental connections or sequences.  I was in a fog.

These episodes are occurring more often and seem to be more disconnected.  As write this, I am having problems formulating words and sentences to explain how I feel.  This is truly difficult to experience.

I am now drawing a total blank.  So. I will close and add some later.

After a break;  I seem to need a small number of people around to talk to and just have by me.  I used to get energy from large groups.  For instance at Navy events where there are many people that I know or have a professional relationship with.  Those events used to energize me.  Now, they drain me and exacerbate my memory and anger issues.

This fogginess is increasing in depth and occurrence.

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