Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lewy Body ups and downs

Lewy Body Dementia is such an up and down disease.  I have written about the up times I have experienced recently.  And the good days are always shadowed by the down days.  Tonight the sundowning is worse, I am angry, and while I am still in control of my emotions, I am extremely upset and overwhelmed.

This week has been extremely stressful and busy.  Yes, good things cause stress too!   But it seems the good times make the down times deeper and more drastic.

I have also written about my increasing mental disconnection and fog.  This seems worse tonight.  Things that should not or would not upset me before are enormous issues to me now.  For instance, my wife was talking about budget issues and her successes in managing our resources.  I have told you before that my wife is an expert manager of our finances.  But her talking about it caused me great stress and anger.  Now that is not normal.

So, as we travel down the LBD road, numerous bumps, potholes, and sink holes seem to cause increasing disruptions in our lives.  These disruptions are difficult for the sufferer and the caregiver, equally.  I realize that.  But, I can only deal with my side of the pain.  I am not sure my wife understands that.   And I am not emotionally equipped to tell her.  

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