Thursday, October 16, 2014

Great therapy!

Yesterday, we had a visit from an old shipmate.  He and his wife and brother and sister in law came to Pensacola to visit and vacation.  Today, is their 43rd wedding anniversary!  We have not seen each other in 31 years, yet it was like we have been together the entire time!

Sea stories, catching up on the last 31 years, and good fellowship.  It was a wonderful day.  Early yesterday morning, Chris, from Azalea Trace, called us to see how we were doing.  He asked if there was anything he could do and I said, I would like our guests to eat dinner in the Azalea Trace dinning room.  Chris said; "No problem"!

Now our friends, might have been a little concerned about eating dinner at a retirement home!  I am sure they pictured pureed food, no sharp kitchen tools, sparks, and bibs!  When we walked into the grad lobby at Azalea, they were awe struck!  Dinner was first class.  Steaks, tilapia fish, dessert, the salad bar, were all delicious. The wait staff went above and beyond.

After dinner, we took a tour of the facility and they were further impressed.  All in all it was a great evening.

Being with my old shipmate as just the therapy I needed.  When we returned home, we sat in the living room for a while, did NOT turn the television on, and when to bed early.  I fell asleep quickly and slept through the night.   Nothing is better for me than being with old shipmates.  Thanks Dave and Reba!  Come again soon.

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