Thursday, October 9, 2014

After the diagnosis, why do we go to the doctor?

Discounting the Psychologist I go to for help dealing with my emotions, I wonder why we continue to go to doctors after we have a confirmed diagnosis of LBD?

Why do I ask that question?  Let's look at the facts.  My meds have not changed in a long time.  As far as the memory portion of my disease, there are no other drugs I can take.  Unlike my Neurologist in Virginia, this Neurologist does not do follow on cognitive testing.  I can agree with that.  I know my mental capacity is deminishing.  There is no need to spend money to confirm that.  And, why confirm tehe down turn.  since there is no other meds or treatments to help.  As far as my anger issues, my doctors are very reticent to prescribe any meds to help with that issue until I become physically violent!

But, I go to see the neurologist once every six months and the Psychiatrist every three months.  Yes, they write the prescriptions to keep me on those med that are slowing the process of my LBD.   But, I still see these visits as an increasing waste of time.  Today, I saw the doctor that writes the prescription for all of my memory drugs and my depression meds.  He asked some pertinent questions and then said he would keep my meds the same.

Baring a violent outbreak or other issues that would require institutionalization, I really don't understand what I have all these appointments.    I will see my Neurologist this month and I am going to ask him about my blood pressure drops that have lead to light headed issue and almost passing out.  Also, bowel issues and other balance issues.  Since Sinemet causes me so many negative issues, I doubt he can help with the balance issues but the other autonomic issues he may want to address.

I just wanted to bring this topic us, as the patient, and see if anyone else has issues with the numerous, I believe useless, doctor's appointments.  Of course, I may just be having paranoia issues as most LBD patients do.  After all, people have stole food from our home and followed me!  These things I am sure of.

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