Saturday, October 25, 2014

Activity blanket

My wife noticed I have difficulty controlling my hands when I am sitting.  She noticed this today at our son's home.  I am constantly ringing my hands, rubbing my arms, rubbing my pants, or other hand activities.  She recommend we get an activity blanket.  The idea actually excites me since I am always doing something with my hands.

I am either picking my fingers, or rubbing my hands, my arms, or using the computer to search endless subjects my mind comes up with.  So, maybe a blanket with different textures and maybe some mechanical activities might help me control this busy hand issue.

This is an admission on my part that my LBD is progressing and I am OK with that.  In fact, I am more and more giving up fighting this disease.  I actually feel better relaxing and not fighting this disease.  For instance, I do not drive anymore.  Yes, I still have my driver's license and I could still drive.  But, why should I?  Driving is difficult and stressful for me now.   Then there is the liability issue if I were involved in an auto accident as the driver.  So, why stress?

On the same point, if an activity blanket, or as it is sometimes called a fidget or busy hand blanket, helps me deal with my hands always searching for something to touch, then I want one!!

This is truly an interesting change in my mental approach.

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