Friday, September 12, 2014

What did you say?

There is a story about an older fellow, who goes to his doctor and says;  I am worried about my wife.  I think her hearing is going!  The The man said he asked his wife to have her hearing checked and she reduced.  So, the man wanted to know if the doctor had an easy way for him to check and see how bad his wife's hearing was getting.  The doctor recommended that the man stand a fair distance away from his wife and make a statement in a normal tone and volume of voice.  Then, if she did not reply, close the distance by half and repeat himself.  Then, if she did not answer, come right behind her and repeat himself again.  So, that evening the man saw his wife at the kitchen sink.  He stood on the opposite side of the kitchen and asked his wife; What's for dinner sweetheart?  No reply.  So, he closed the distance by half and asked again; What's for dinner sweetheart?  No answer again!  So, he moved right behind her at the sink and asked again;  What's for dinner sweetheart?  His wife turned around to face him and said;  For the third time, meatloaf!!

Why did I relate this story to you?  I know I am deaf!  It is documented and my ears ring all the time.  But recently my wife is experiencing the symptoms of hearing loss.  It could be from being married to me.  I am loud!!  No one ever says they cannot hear what I said!!  I believe I speak loud because I cannot hear!  At least that makes sense to me.  Sort of cause and effect!  In any case, my wife is just like the woman in the story.  She will not go to the doctor and have anything new checked out.  He memory issues, hearing issues, nothing!

So, a few days ago I wrote about my wife's symptoms of dementia.  She has a genetic connection to Alzheimer's since her father had Alzheimer's and died from it's complications.    She also has the Tricresyl Phosphate connection with me.  So, there are at least two reasons to get checked for dementia.   Of course, I approached the topic, with little luck.

With the pending move to Azalea Trace,  I will not add any issues because I do not want to add any stress for her.  She has enough.  But, after we are settled, I will start out across the room and ask;  What's for dinner sweetheart?!  We will see how that works then.

The joke is courtesy of Betty Lou Jackson, who I worked with and endured many tough times with.  It is her Wisconsin humor!

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