Sunday, September 7, 2014

This is my survival plan

I write this blog as information for family and friends.  I also write it to describe how I react and how I am impacted by this disease.  I also use this blog as a place to blow off steam!  My wife does not read my blog because she believes this is my private place.  I have encouraged her to read these posts, and once and a while, sh reads a large grouping of posts.  I have no secrets but I do need a place to express my frustrations.

Yes, I see a psychologist once a month and I discuss mush of what I write here.  He know all!

I am having great difficulty dealing with the stress of the possible move to Azalea Trace.  Even the prospect of selecting flooring, cabinet, and paint colors along with deciding which walls to move, is completely overwhelming.  I would be much happier of they had a completed product that you just accepted as is.  But, for this much money up front, people expect some sort of customization.

We have spent our evening searching our files for answers to more questions than we answered to purchase our home.   The same for health issues.  Then there are all the copies of past tax returns, health plans and long term care plans.  I hope you may understand just how stressful this is.

All this stress has my stomach upset, I have a headache, and my ears are ringing very loudly meaning my blood pressure is up.  I am grouchy and snippy!  Maybe it is just time to go to bed.   But don't worry, all will be OK.  Good night.

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