Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This is a busy week!

We are very busy this week.  Well, busy for us.  we have to complete our required medical screening for our admittance to Azalea Trace.  That includes a TB test.  We also have a birthday party this week for a friend.  But, the big events are the Subaru Dealer's class on our new Outback and the Realtor placing our home on the market, both on Thursday.

All of these events take their toll on me.  For instance, today we had my doctor's appointment for the screening and then we had to take our 11 year old miniature poodle to the Vet for an annual check up.  So, by the time I got home, I was beat.  We even ordered Pizza instead of cooking!!  I will pay for that tomorrow.

One of the things that happens often happened again today.  Our Vet, who is a good Vet and congenial man stepped on my mental land mine!  He said, I did not look or act like I had dementia!  I was nice and he recovered well.  I still get sensitive over those comments.  Why, because I feel the person is calling me a liar or a goldbrick!  He probably was not, but that is the effect of those comments on me.  Think of it this way.  A person with cancer, say Leukemia, does not loo physically sick in the beginning or even middle of their disease.  But, when they tell someone they have Leukemia, that person does not say;  You don't look sick?  Are you sure that is right? Instead they say;  Sorry to hear that.  How are you doing?  Is the treatment giving you problems?  Or, You are looking good.  See the difference.

I know this seems petty to you.  But it IS an issue for me.  So, file that away for future reference!  Now, I know some of my good friends, especially my Navy friends.  They will "Burn" me every time they get a chance now.  Don,  You don't look sick.  Who did you pay for that diagnosis?  Did the VA do it?  Those are sugar pills aren't they?!  Yes, I can see it coming now.  At least I will be prepared.

For those of your who are caregivers, those of us with LBD get treated like our disease is a fantasy, we don't have it, or we have something else, by doctors everywhere.  When we tell a new doctor we have LBD, almost always, we get that blank stare, followed by the quizzical look, followed by; WHAT?!  So, be sedative to our emotions on this topic.  I am much more sensitive in the evening or when I am tree, or when I am on a downward swing with the disease.  And, since you, the caregiver should know when we are in these sensitive conditions, you could defend us and deflect some of the comments.  Either that, or watch me punch some one's lights out!  Your choice.

I will be very glad when we are finally moved into Azalea.  Then, I will be able to stop putting on the show of normalcy.  I can't wait!

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