Monday, September 8, 2014

The far reaching impact of the chemicals in Mil-F-17111 hydraulic fluid!!

Hopefully you know that I suffer from Lewy Body Dementia.  I believe, and my neurologist believe that this disease was at least partially caused by my extreme exposure to the hydraulic fluid that all the gun mounts and missile launchers ran on in the Navy.  In 1989, the Navy put out a message informing us that Mil-F-17111 had a chemical in it that caused cancer and was neuro-toxic.   The Navy then removed Mil-F-17111 from every system and replaced it with Mil-F-17111A or B, I forget, that had the chemical removed.

Flight Attendants won a case for compensation for Dementia caused by long term exposure to the same chemical!   However, the Veteran's Administration has denied my claim up to now.

Today, my wife and I were discussion issues and she asked me if I had noticed any mental decline in her.  Since my mental filters no longer work, thanks to LBD, I immediately replied; Yes!!  She asked me what I noticed and then she confirmed that she was noticing the same issues.  They shadow my early symptoms of dementia!!

How could she bee impacted by Mil-F-17111?  Easy, she washed my uniforms for years!  When we were in home port, I brought my dungarees, and later my wash khaki's home to be washed.  They were covered with Hydraulic Fluid!   Then, when I taught at Gun School, Great Lakes, teaching maintenance on the MK 42 Gun Mount, I was covered in Mil-F-1711 daily and my wife washed those uniforms.  Then, after retirement from the Navy, I went to work as a Tech Rep for the Navy at NAVSEACENLANT.  More hydraulic fluid soaked clothes for my wife to wash!  I believe there is a connection here.

So, I have a confirmed diagnosis of LBD and she may have some form of dementia.  Wow!  We will monitor progress and report as required.

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