Saturday, September 13, 2014

New experience!

Today, my wife took me to our Church early in the morning because it was Team Six's week to mow the 5 acres of our land.  I enjoy these outings because the Church has great mowing equipment and it is fun to mow the back 40!  But today, something new happened.

I was mowing back and forth in the back property of the Church.  I was mowing around some mature trees and I got confused as to which line of trees I was mowing.  So, I went to the next tree which was the wrong row.  I actually got LOST, mowing a big lawn!!  It took me a few minutes to know I was lost and even longer to find where I was mowing.  So, there were 54 inch mowed paths that went in circles and lines going no where until I figured out where I originally was.

I was laughing at myself, almost uncontrollably!  Now, while this is not a life threatening situation, it is a good example of how easily I get disoriented.  Something as simple as mowing in a straight line with a row of trees as a guide was completely beyond my, now reduced, mental ability.   This is why I never go anywhere alone and why I feel so frightened when I am home alone.  I never leave the confines of our home when my wife is out.

Again, I was not frightened today.  Instead I found my situation funny!  But, I also understand that what I used to do is now very difficult for me.  Another lesson from Mr. Lewy.

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