Friday, September 26, 2014

I do not react well to stress

As I am sure you know, we are in the middle of the approval process to move into Azalea Trace, a continuing care retirement community in Pensacola.   If all goes well, we will sign our contract for occupancy on Monday.  Before that, we meet with the nurse and go through a cognitive skills test of some magnitude.  We have been assured by the staff that we will be admitted.  We did drop our medical screening reports from our doctor off today.

The next step will be to select the changes that we want made to our apartment.  We are not planning anything to drastic.  But we are going to move a wall to open up the kitchen.  Our tentative move in date is the first week of December.  So, things will begin to move quickly after Monday.

We have to sell our home, liquidate some furniture, and other home items including some larger kitchen equipment.  We will eat our main meal in the dinning room of Azalea Trace so we do n to need all the kitchen equipment required to prepare a meal for a Cruiser size ship's crew!!

Today, we went to the credit union and moved the money required for the down payment of the Entrance Fee.  We than will have to pre-pay the cost of the renovation and then, before we move in, pay the remainder of the Entrance Fee before we move in.

All of these events, issues, financial decisions, decorating decisions, have me stress and upset beyond belief!  Change is difficult for me and this will be much, much more difficult than the move to Florida three years ago.  While the end product will be good for me, the next two months are going to be tough.   I find myself getting angry and stressed whenever we discuss these issues.  My wife has to deal with these issues and she does good with me.  But I know my reactions stress her too.

I have an appointment next week with my neurologist and I am going to ask for some meds to help me deal with my anger and stress.  He has said before he could help with these issues and I am now ready to let him help me.  So, I will be adding another medicine to my daily regimen.

Living with this disease is challenge without any changes in my life.  With changes, I am overwhelmed and much more effected by my anger and stress.

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