Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Anger comes out!

Today, we had to go get my wife's medical exam for our pending admission to the Continuing Care Retirement Community.  After that, my wife recommended we get a haircut.  The lady who cuts my hair cuts my Wife's bangs also.  She does a good job, but she is set up in a women's beauty parlor with all the ugly smells of those places.  I know because my biological Mother lived behind a beauty parlor and I lived with her for about a year.  That is another story, but suffice to say, I got myself in a lot of trouble because she worked until 2AM every night!!

In any case, the barber was taking a long time with the fellow before us and after she was done with the haircut she was doing smart phone training for the idiot she had just barbered!!  After ten minutes of this foolishness, I stood up and asked her, loudly, are we cutting hair or selling cell phones?!   She told the patron I was kidding and I convinced these two fools I was certainly NOT kidding!!!  The fellow slinked off, apologizing to me.  I did not accept his weak apology.  I would rather have kicked his but!  Then my wife sat in the chair for her short trim.  I was in a seat, around the corner from where the barber chair was, so I could not hear their conversation.  The barber told my wife;  "It's OK, I understand, my Mom has dementia too."

It was nice that she understood and my wife appreciated that.

Earlier in the day, at my Wife's doctor's appointment, a topic, I will not divulge, that is very emotional for me, came up.  I exploded loudly in the doctor's waiting room!  I walked around outside of the office while my wife had her appointment.  I was calmed down by the time she came out.

The point here is, I am loosing my control of my temper!  Thing that aggrieve me or anger me I now let whoever is near know.  I realize this is a product of the failure of my social filters.  But, it is a big negative step in the progress of this disease for me.

Believe me, I try to control my temper and in the past, I have done well.  But recently, very recently, that control has failed.  Especially when I am tired or it is the evening and my sun downing has taken effect.  Clearly, the Lewy Body tangles have finally disabled the portion of my brain that controls my emotions.  I have also had a strong urge to cry recently.  Another classic symptom of dementia.

So, here we go dealing with a new issue.   I wonder how this is going to turn out?    

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