Monday, August 25, 2014

Saw my psychologist today

I had my monthly meeting with my psychologist today.  He has been a key member in the management of my journey with LBD.  He is s new addition.  Well, relatively new.  I really do not know how long we have been meeting.  What I do know is I can tell you is I discuss issues with him that I do not reveal to anyone else!   And having that person is necessary in the management of this disease, in my estimation.

Today, we discussed some of my fear issues.  Some of these, I do not reveal to anyone else.  The fact that I can openly discuss these things, helps me understand them and in turn, he helps guide me on that path. He has never told me HOW to solve or deal with an issue.   But, he has caused me to delve deeper into my feelings, emotions, and root causes of these issues.

I left his office feeling more on top of my game!   I had a good day as we ran some errands in town and I have continued to feel good the rest of the day.  It is like a massage for the mind!

Some of you may question this openness with an outsider.  Why can't I tell my wife about these issues?  Well some of my issue are caused by her or made more difficult by her.  Not purposefully, and not intentional.  Some things are her actions, responses, or lack of responses.  He has helped me address issues with my wife that I was uncomfortable to address before.

Another fact is, I was afraid to talk to a psychologist.  It was my GP that recommended me to a psychologist.  And that referral has really helped me.  So, if you are a person with any type of dementia, I recommend you partner with some type of professional counselor.  If you are the spouse/caregiver of a LBD or dementia patient, do not be threatened by this new member of the team.  That person will help both of you deal with your journey.

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