Sunday, August 10, 2014

More things I hate about living in the panhandle of Florida!

I have written before about my disdain for the East Lower Alabama, (i.e. The Panhandle of Florida) part of our dysfunctional country.  This is the end of the line for technology, shopping, intelligence, entertainment, and news casters!   The local television and radio news casters are the bottom of the barrel.  There are no national stores of stature.   There are no luxury car brand dealers here.  Funny, Mobile has a Lexus and Infinity dealer.  Mobile!  No, the panhandle of Florida is the end of the line in may ways.  But today, I found out how backwater this place is.

They do not have a radio station that carries the Motor Racing Network (MRN)!!!  I cannot get a NASCAR race on the radio!!  Just shoot me know!!!

I got the MRN in Dahlgren Virginia!!  Now these idiots that cannot read or write root for college football team like they own them!  Go figure.  Just to illustrate my point.  As you enter Alabama, from Florida, on Interstate 10, there is a large, billboard with the cartoon figure of a car that struck a large tree.  The caption is;  Collisions with trees can kill you!!  Do they really need a billboard for that fact of life.

No, East LA is the next step to a third world country.  Cities that cannot handle rain water and let their people flood, and leave that water there for three weeks!!    Newscasters that are ignorant, unable to speak english, and report dribble.  No shopping, no services, no seniors communities, and no way for me to live.  I wish I could change this, but, I am powerless.  Getting old is not for wimps.

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