Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Evening anger and agitation

I know I have written about this a few times, but I admitted tonight that this is getting worse.  I told my wife that we must address this with the neurologist.  I notice an increase in my anger and agitation as the sun goes down!   I can still control this rage, but I am not sure how long that will continue.  

I have read about other LBD sufferers and their battle with agitation and rage on the LBDA.org website.  Well, mostly, I read about the caregiver's battle with the LBD patient's agitation and rage.  I have read about ways to control or mitigate the issues of the patient.  Maybe some of those will work for me.  But, I am not sure I can get my wife to massage my feet for hours!

When I am in this state, the things that are unresolved and not going the way I want them too become issues and the center of my agitation.  For instance, my dislike for the area of Florida I am a prisoner in.   I am sure you have seen that is prior posts.  Then there are things that have always caused me issues, like TV volumes going up for commercials or bad audio drink a program I want to watch, like football games.  Of changes from what I know is my schedule and routine.  For instance, "Unforgettable" was not on Sunday night as scheduled!!  I was livid!

This issue is becoming more disturbing to me and probably to my wife, but she never let's on.  My wife is a tough Navy wife!!  I am sorry that I am putting her through this!  That is my biggest, most devastating, regret!

So, hopefully my neurologist can help.  Otherwise, I am going back to drinking, a lot!!

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  1. Oh my gosh Don this is so me it is driving me crazy. I don't know how to deal with this agitation over little stupid stuff. I cussed at the person on a commercial the other night for saying something stupid, like they could hear me or I should be cussing in the first place.