Monday, August 11, 2014

Agitation, anger, and frustration; Take ?

OK, as you could tell from last night's post, I was suffering from agitation and frustration.  We spent our weekend helping our son and his family move into a home thy have recently purchased.  It was a good move, but that much exertion always has it's pay backs.

It seems that my mind wants to do what my body, mental capacity, and stamina cannot!  In Navy terms, my butt is writing checks my body can't cash!  And remember, I cleaned that up for you civilians.

But, after two days of harder work than I have done in a long time, I was done.  And it showed in my demeanor last night.  After a good night's sleep, I am just my grumpy old self!  And not agitated.

Today, I am home alone for the first time in a long time.  I enjoy solitude and quiet.  Especially after the weekend.I puttered around the house, but mostly I just enjoyed the quiet.  No television, radio, or discussions.  Just quiet.

Now don't mistake my calmness for liking Florida.  This is still the most unfriendly, backwater, scum bucket of a place to live, that I have ever seen.  At least in Pascagoula Mississippi, they are glad to see your money!!

The lady across the street died last Friday night.  She had cancer and fought it for a long time.  She was on experimental chemo drugs, and after three different experimental drugs, she died, in her sleep.  He husband, Fred, woke up Saturday morning to her, dead, next to him.  She was young, not yet 60!  She had lost her rite arm to the cancer, and other body parts.  She was a tough old bird, and I will miss her.  Her husband is taking it hard.  I visited him today.  We talked, but he is not really there.  His nerves are still to raw to deal with reality.

That brought me to my thought on living.  God only give us a preplanned, infinite, number of days to live.  That number is predetermined before we are born.  God also gave us a free will!  We can spend those days any way we want to.  We can accept his "Free Gift" of Salvation through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, or we can deny it.  Of course, as with any decision we make in life, there are consequences!   But, it is our choice.

My choice is not to live in the panhandle of Florida anymore.  Of course, that decision has consequences,  And like this weekend;  My mind may be making a decision my butt can't cash!!  Probably so.  

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