Thursday, July 3, 2014

Why is everything MY fault!!

Today, I was told by my wife that is is my fault that our Grandsons don't pay attention to my sea stories!!  It is also me and other veterans fault that we did not talk about our war stories and the wars were told from the prospective of the liberal writers.

First of all, my grandsons were never interested in my sea stories.  All they care about is those damn video games!  If it is not on an electronic device they can play with 24/7, they are NOT interested.  Their loss.

Second, when the Vietnam war was over, we were treated with disdain in public.  Spit on, hit, cussed at, and treated with general disrespect.  The idea of telling someone about what we did or went through was dumb!  We did not need to be berated too many times before we shut up. I can only punch so many Hari Krishna fools before I get in trouble!!

So, don't blame me or my generation.  Nor the veterans of the World Wars or Korea.  You were not interested in what we did or suffered.  You were all homes, warm, dry, comfortable, well fed, and safe, while we were doing the opposite of anything you might imagine.  You don't care now and your did not care then.  This is why I am only comfortable with Veterans and especially Navy, Black Shoe, Veterans.  My Israel Navy Master Chief friend, Oded Ogoor, used to say; "If you ain't a Gunner's Mate, your Ain't shit!!  I am not that hard over.  But I love to be with my Brothers in Arms.

Maybe I will get accepted in the Armed Forces Retirement Home at Gulfport Mississippi.  The last I heard, I would be in by November of this year.  I can only hope!!  Until then, just leave me alone!!  I am tired of being the fault of everything.

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