Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trials of travel

I tell people; "I don't travel well!"  It is true, anything that disrupts my routine is traumatic to me and for me.  We have been planning our trip to Iowa for a while.  But as it approaches, I have become upset, unsettled, and hyperactive.  I am worried about my puppies care and well being.  I am worried about the hassles of travel by air.  All in all, I am a wreck.

We are also trying to plan a August or September trip to Virginia.  While I very anxious to see all my friends, the thought of another trip is daunting.  I have asked my Wife NOT to bring the second trip up until the first trip is over. She can't follow that request.  Her mind runs ahead all the time and she is always planning for the worst.  A trait that drives me crazy, especially in my present LBD state.  But, there is no changing her and no training her.  She continues to plan ahead, borrow every problem, and drive me to distraction.

One thing is for sure, the next trip will be by car and the dogs go with us.  With Marcel the wonder Dog to calm me, I do much better.   Maybe we can get him certified as a service dog.

But, for those of you who "Own" a LBD patient, be careful not to overload us with details, plans, and problems!  Even in the early stages, these types of issues are unnerving.  For instance, the budget.  When my Wife tries to explain our budget, I get overwhelmed and angry.  Not because she does a bad job.  She is the BEST budgeteer in the world.  Our credit rating is because of her exceptional financial management.  But, the details of our budget, or even the talk of money, upsets me.  So, think hope upset I get when I get barraged with "What Ifs" about what can or will go wrong on a trip, with a purchase, or what ever.  I don't need or want to hear about issues or potential problems.  Just tell me where to be and what to do or say!!

One other point.  When we toured the "Memory Support Unit" of a Senior's Community yesterday, I noticed a man there who did not look like he belonged.  He WAS a resident of the Memory Support Unit, but he was well kept.  Shaved, hair combed well.  Clean, pressed clothes, and he was sitting, very comfortably, alone, on a couch, reading a magazine.  All the other residents looked like they belonged there.  You know the look.  Hair not quite right.  Men needing shaves.  Clothes wrinkled and disheveled, sitting in a group on a couch, staring off into space.  The man I described looked just like me!  And since I felt SO comfortable in that facility, I wondered why he was there and if I should be there!  That facility, the security, the rooms, the ambiance of the place, made me feel safe, comforted, and secure.  I find that interesting.  Maybe I am farther down the road than I think.  


  1. Thank you for sharing. Gary Joseph LeBlanc invited me to the virtual Memory Café so maybe I will meet you there. -- Truthful Loving Kindness is my legal name (from word study of hebrew "chesed v'emet") since my 50th birthday Sep 16, 1957. Probable Lewy Body Dementia

  2. My husband also has LBD and he is following your blog. Thank you for sharing your feelings,thoughts and fears. It is a relief to know someone else can relate to him. God Bless you.

  3. Thanks for sharing us your sharing us your life. I haven't read all your blog yet but I guess many of my page followers can relate to you. I will share your blog with them.

    You can check it at facebook/relinkpage

    Have a great day!