Friday, July 25, 2014

Things they weigh me down

Since I have been afflicted by LBD, some things have become a weigh on my outlook as well as my mind.  Many of the things that some people find rewarding, relaxing, or even sought after, cause me to feel overloaded and overwhelmed.

When we lived in Virginia, my wife and I agreed to sell our house and move into a Senior's Apartment.  I truly felt free when we lived there.  I had people to talk too that were the same age as me.  I had NO maintenance.  And I had no worries.  When we wanted ceiling fans installed, maintenance did it.  I wanted another cabinet in the bathroom, maintenance installed it.  There was a gym, a pool, and again, people to talk to that understood what I was going through.  The seniors even went out, once a month, for dinner and a social time.  And, any evening the weather permitted, there was a group of people, out by a garage, sitting on lawn chairs and talking.

We moved to Florida and I have none of these things and I HAVE all of the maintenance of our home and all of the worries of maintenance. I have no one to help and everything to do.

Another weight is our future living situation.  We are on the waiting list for Azalea Trace.  That list is not moving.  I am on the waiting list for the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport Mississippi with a prospective move in date of November 2014!  That facility meets all of my needs but excludes my wife.  So, another worry there.   While we have looked at a number of communities that meet some or all of our needs, Azalea is the only one that meets all of our needs in one package.  But, they cannot even begin to tell us when we will move in.

Then there is the issue of ME passing the mental testing required to prove I am able to live independently!  Since I am experiencing progression of my mental decline, I worry if I will even be accepted at Azalea or the AFRH in Gulfport.

Now, I hope you understand the things that worry me.  I have totally given up on moving back to Virginia Beach.  But I would like to settle in palace I can relax and spend the remainder of my days, in peace, without worry about my surroundings.  That does not seem to be too much to ask for, does it?

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