Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spacial issues

Riding in the car has become very exciting!   It seems I have an issue with the closeness of things, mostly other cars, around me.  I have screamed for my wife to stop a couple of times recently.  A couple of weeks ago, I hallucinated a car hitting us in my side of the car as we pulled out of the Church parking lot.

I remember driving with my Father in Law.  He had Alzheimer's and would offer advice, like; Go ahead and pull out, it's clear!   Just as a tractor trailer went by!!  So, I have had experience with this, but my screaming seems to upset my wife.  Imagine that.

Pulling into a parking lot is interesting also.  I think she is far to close to another car, parked in the adjacent space.  I try to apply my brakes to no avail!!  So, I scream in terror!

There is a joke going around that states; I want to die like Grandpa did, peacefully in my sleep.  Not screaming in terror as the 4 other people in the car did when Grandpa hit that Semi!!

It seems I need to go to sleep when I am in the car and then I won't be so frightened!!

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