Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shaking hands

We lead a Bible Study at the local Assisted Living Facility.  I enjoy this weekly event.  To call this a Bible Study is a little miss leading.  Every week, I deliver a 30-45 minute sermon to ten or so lovable seniors.  They range in age from 70 to 97!   All of them are sharp as tacks and follow along in their Bibles.  They will stop me in a micro-minute if they disagree or if they do not see where I am reading or quoting.  We also conduct a Communion Service the last Thursday of the month.  We have been providing this ministry for over two years.

On the days that we provide Communion, we always offer Communion to any individuals that cannot venture out of their rooms for one reason or another.  Today, while we were offering Communion to one of our regulars in her room, my left hand began to shake uncontrollably while I was holding a small tray with the Bread and Wine on it.  My wife acted quickly and nothing was spilled.

This is not the first time I have had hand shaking issues but it is definitely the most concerning.  Most of my parkinsonian symptoms have been the rigidity and stiffness in my legs and now in my arms and shoulders.  But shaking is starting to increase.  I also notice it when I lift my coffee cup or pour coffee out of the pot.  It seems things with some weight cause the shaking.

This could be related to the rigidity issues and the muscles fighting with themselves.  Or not.  But it is an increasing issue.

So, as is my purpose for this blog, I am sharing another change in my condition in hopes of keeping you informed and maybe being a help to  to others dealing with LBD.

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  1. Dear Silverfox, I just received an email from the Michael J Fox Foundation concerning a vaccine made to slow or eradicate PD. It talks about breaking up the alpha synuclein that makes up Lewy Bodies. The article is s/w confusing and still being investigated but u might want to ask your neurologist about. Sadly, my husband won't benefit from this as he passed 8mos ago. I enjoy reading your blogs and pray for a cure.