Sunday, July 6, 2014

"It's Show Time!!

The Church that we attend here in Pensacola is a mid size congregation.  But like any Church, they always seem to need people to do things.   Each week, the Church highlights a Missionary they support and a country in the world that persecutes Christianity.  One of the Elders that does the opening remarks asked me today to do the presentation on these subjects.  I said, no sweat!

You may know that our Home Church in Virginia Beach is Grace Community Church, a Grace Brethren Church that chose to Ordain me.  The decision to move here was a surprise to me and our Church!

I miss Grace Community Church in Virginia Beach.  I miss preaching, as a substitute, teaching Sunday School, leading Wednesday night Prayer Service, and learning from my Pastor, Fred Devan.  He taught me, mentored me, helped me mature, and encouraged me to do things for God I never thought possible.  The years I spent at Grace were the best Christian growth years of my life.  You all know I want to go home.  But, I can't.

We have a ministry at a local Assisted Living Facility where I lead a Bible Study every Thursday.  Functionally, I present a 45 minute sermon on the Chapter we are studying.  We are presently in Acts and will work our way, all the way through, chapter by chapter.  It is a good way to study God's Word.

We also bring Communion to our friends at the Assisted Living Facility once a month.  I have also had the pleasure and honor of Baptizing one of the residents.  Until now, this has been our only ministry here.  It is fulfilling, but,  wanted to preach.  Of course, Pastors guard their pulpit cautiously, as they should.  And, since i am only a Lay Pastor, I fully understand.

Then, there is the issue of my LBD.  The disease has progressed in the last year and my wife worries about my ability to get up in front of a large group and Preach God's Word.  I do get confused, lost, and even momentarily loose the ability to read!

Yet, when I am doing God's Work, it is "Show Time!"  Now, if you know about LBD you know patients of this roller coaster disease often put on a "Show" for company or doctors, and then go back to "Normal" when they are at home, zone, with you!

Presenting God's Word activates my "Show Time" ability.  Today, when I made the presentation about the Safe Harbor Crisis Pregnancy Center and the Islamic Country of Iran, I was sharp, clear, precise, and on target!!!   It felt very good to be behind the Pulpit, if only for 5 minutes.

In September, we will be back in Virginia Beach.  I pray Pastor Fred will offer me the opportunity to Preach.  I love serving our Lord!!

Did you go to Church today??

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  1. Sir. I've read almost all of your LBD posts. My dad was a navy man also. He has LBD and recently, my mom had to admit him to a nursing home. I HATE this disease! I don't know how to talk to my father anymore. I go with the flow, but I'm the youngest and some of the stories I wasn't alive yet...What does he think about all day? What is he feeling? What do I say when he asks to come home with me? Im the one that noticed my dad was sick, about 4 years ago. He quit driving truck for our farm during harvest, he stopped going golfing and his skin was an ash color. Despite telling my brothers and my mother, no one really cared cause my mom was so sick. See my mom was hit by a car 11 years ago and she's been broken for along time. Brain damage, nerve damage, just plain damage. But my dad got nailed with this ugly thing LBD, and well my mom doesn't have the strength to fight for him. I do, but I have no power to change whats happened. My kids and I go see him at least 5 times a week. He is living 30 miles away. I cry all the time. Im angry at everyone. Even God. This isn't how God made us to die; He made us to live! And Im angry that no one seems to care about how "our parents" are dying! 1.3 million in the US are dying of LBD. The facility in our town denied my father admittance because of it; as if this is his fault. I love your blog! please keep posting, Keep fighting! Keep Explaining whats happening...Thank you Sir.