Thursday, July 3, 2014

I need to learn to be content!

The Apostle Paul said we should learn to be content in what ever state we are in.  I believe he even meant Florida!  At least, that's how I am taking his admonition.  I have had major difficulties getting comfortable living in Florida without my Navy buddies.  But I am trying to at least be quiet about my dislike for my present living situation.

It is simply unfair to have my displeasure negatively impact my wife's happiness.  My career and my wanderlust has caused he difficulties throughout our marriage.  She wants to be in Florida, close to the Grand Kids and it is my responsibility to make that happen!!  And I will.

And, living in Florida has it's benefits.  Low taxes, good weather, central location.  I have just been a grump about this and I am sorry.  So, from now on, at least until the Grand Kids are out of High School, Florida is where I live, contently.

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