Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I had an appointment with my Psychologist today

I have to admit, I NEVER thought I would be meeting with a Psychologist.  I was a U.S. Navy Master Chief Gunner's Mate!  We are tough, independent, leaders, that do not ask for help!!  Well, LBD taught me that I needed help.  I needed someone, who I could talk too about MY issues with this disease.  Not to mention MY issues with my Wife and family as we all deal with this disease.  And it has helped me!

Today, we discussed our trip to Iowa and my "Christmas Tree" hallucination.  His opinion was than the "Christmas Trees" impeding my trip to the bathroom represented me being trapped in my routine.  He said that I cling to my routine so hard, that my fingers hurt!  He is correct.  He also said it was good that we took the trip and broke my routine.  He was also pleased that I actually enjoyed myself and had such a good time visiting with my Wife's cousin.  All that is true.

Some of the things we discuss I will not write about.  But, it is good to be able to talk to someone, unrelated to me, without retribution, that has a professional opinion that can help

I meet with my Psychologist once a month.  I find that is all I need right now.  I am totally open with him and I know he is totally confidential with what I tell him.  These meetings are beginning to help me deal with Florida and helping me feel more comfortable here.

We also discussed how secure and serene I felt in the Memory Support unit at a local retirement community that we visited.  He seemed surprised at first at my contentment with the confines of the facility.  Until I told him of my need for security and safety.   Then he understood.

So, if you are a LBD patient, I recommend a visit to a Psychologist.  It is not a sign of weakness!  It IS a sign of strength.  It takes strength to admit you need help.  I know!

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