Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How small issues cause big problems for people with Dementia

I have written a number of posts about how seemingly small issues are blown up into major issues for those of us with any type of Dementia. For instance, today, we went to the Commissary for groceries.  While checking out, the bagger dropped a glass container and it broke.  The check out line came to a complete stop so everyone could clean up the mess.  Of course, I was enraged at their stupidity!!  In my professional view, they should have called "Wet Clean up on isle 6!" and kept on doing business!  So, naturally, I let my steam boil over and got "Shushed" repeatedly by my wife.   I got angry at her for telling me to be quiet when I new the way to fix this simple issue!  I was mad because they were not doing what I thought they needed to do.  Just how stupid are these people!!

Of course, there were the stupid people in the isles shopping in those power carts!  They take up and block entire isles for hours!!   More idiots!  Or the fact that my new neighbor cuts her lawn too short.  The bottom line is, little things, that would not have made me angry in the past, now drive me into a rage at a minutes notice.  And of course, I stay agitated for a long time.

My wife and I both know it is caused by the LBD.  But that does not make it any easier for her to deal with.  She still has some influence on me.  But, that will probably evaporate in the near future.

I know others with Dementia and their care givers deal with this anger issue.  My goal is to express the emotions from my perspective.  My goal is to live peaceably with everyone around me.  LBD has the goal of keeping me from that peaceful goal.  Now, you can see my conflict.

Of course, there  is also the issue that I feel people are purposely doing things to aggravate me!  Or they are following me, seeking me out to make mad, or trying to do harm to me.  All of these emotions are active in my mind, all of the time.

Many times, I hide in bed to deal with my negative emotions.  But, when I am in public, there is no place to hide.     As I said, this will become an increasing issue.  How do I know that?  Because it has already increased in occurrence and intensity.

More to come.


  1. Have u spoke with your neurologist or psychologist about your feelings? My husband was on Depokote as a mood stabilizer. This seemed to help keep him calmer. I sense your being so upset. Maybe this might help.

  2. My husband had the same problem making his life unbearable. His GP gave him depakote and his life improved a lot