Monday, July 21, 2014


I dream every time I go to sleep.  My dreams are very realistic.  Realistic to the point that sometimes, I continue to act on the topic of the dream throughout the day.  Many times, my dreams are about a tack or job I am working on and when I wake up, I continue to think and try to accomplish that job.

Other dreams are about people of my past that I miss.   Some of them are now passed on, some are not.  Many times, I wake up trying to contact that person, as if they were still alive.  Many times these dreams upset me.

Then there are violent dreams.  Fights, survival, Navy events involving gun mounts or small arms.  Many of these dreams cause me to actually "Fight" in my dream.  Or, I am moving my hands as if I was using tools in the gun mount.  I know this because my wife has observed these actions and been the recipient of one of my punches in my sleep.  This REM Sleep disorder is "normal"in LBD patients.

Sleep is my refuse and I like to sleep.  I nap daily and I retreat to the bed whenever I am upset, agitated, or angry.  If my two miniature poodles and I are in bed, I am secure.  Why, because if I hear, feel, or see something, and the dogs do not react, I know what I see is not real.  I did not have that insurance policy in Iowa recently when I was trapped by the Christmas trees when I got up to go to the bathroom!  That hallucination has upset me greatly.

My dreams continue to effect me and upset me.  Much like my hallucinations, they seem real to me.  And the reality of these dreams and hallucinations is increasing.  We will see where this leads.

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