Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why do I live in a house in Florida?!

If you have followed my unfortunate move to Florida, you may remember my fight with swarms of termites!!  The little monsters are everywhere each year around Mother's Day!  Seems fitting since I live her because my wife wants to be near the Grand kids.  The first two years, the winter was warm, and we had MILLIONS of termites swarming.  In the house, in the garage, coming out of the vents, the sewer vents, everywhere.  I had damage in the walls where I saw, and killed, live termites coming out of the dry wall.

This year, because we had an exceptionally cold winter, we had very little swarming.  So, I thought, good!  Then, my wife asked to look at a molding in the bathroom yesterday.  It is completely eaten by termites!!!

So, here I sit, trying to control my rage, frustration, and overwhelming desire to sell this house.  But, because of my respect for my wife and her emotions, I keep my issues to myself.

I know many people, right on our street, deal with termite issues.   But, they deal with their issues with an unencumbered mind.  I feel the bugs are actually out to get me!!  I will call our bug contractor tomorrow and he will make things right.  But, I will now forever feel violated by these Formosan aliens that want to eat MY home!!

I hate everything about Florida.  The area, the people, the bugs, snakes, frogs toads, hurricanes, torrential rains, floods, did I mention the unfriendly people!!   Yes, there is no income tax, but you pay for that with the unfriendly people!!

I am overwhelmed, alone, and empty.  

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