Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The benefit of this blog, to me, and YOU, I pray

I had an appointment with my Psychologist this week.  Meeting with him is something I desperately need because it gives me a safe place to express why I feel and experience as I travel down the pond road of Lewy Body Dementia.  He and I can openly discuss anything that I need too.  He is a God send for me.

This Blog serves the same purpose!  Most of you do not know me, so I can write about any topic.  This anonymity protects my privacy, just as Doctor Patient privilege protects me with my Psychologist.  You profit because I write about topics that I would not openly discuss if you knew me.

Now, yes, some of you do know who I am.  You are best my friends and family.  But, you need to know about my journey also.  I trust you will not be embarrassed when I describe personal issues that are impacted by LBD.

There are numerous things that LBD impacts that most of you would never believe.  I have written about my occasional loss of bowel control and urinary control.   I have written about how REM Sleep disorder has caused me to punch my wife drink violent dreams.  I have written about my bodies inability to control m body temperature.  I have also written about my anger and rage issues.   But, I have never written about sexual dysfunction!

Yes, sexual ability is also impacted by LBD!   I never realized this, even though it is on the list of symptoms on the site.  Why? I guess I psychologically skip those words! No man wants to face the fact that he may not be able to perform sexually!  Men brag about the sexual capabilities.  Thy even embellish their sexual abilities.  Yes, I know that surprises some of you!  Right!!

But loss of sexual ability does cause depression and even anger.  Drugs do not work.  Why, because it is an issue caused in the brain, based on the effect of the Lewy Bodies effecting the brain.  This elite plaques that make portions of the brain fail.  Just like the part of my brain that no longer works to stop me from acting out my dreams when I sleep.  This tangles now have clogged the part o my brain that causes an erection.

Now, the effect is "on and off" right now.  Some days, I can perform and those are good days.  Most days, I cannot.  But that is the truth of LBD.  Some days are good days, yet, now, most are not.

So, we will continue this conversation.  Discussing issue cause by those plaques in my brain, and in the brain of your loved one.  Their problems, my problems, are not their fault.  They do not cause them.  Nor can they control them.  But, openly discussing these issues helps me deal with them, and I hope, helps you understand your loved one.

Thanks for being there.  I need each of you.


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